Bathroom Remodel Trends For 2024

Indeed, a home is where a good bathroom is. After all those holidays and work, you really need a calm and relaxing place at your disposal. JC Construction is creating bathrooms that provide you with calm and relaxed space. It is never a bad idea to go for bathroom remodeling if it needs it!

Following bathroom trends will assist you in making your bathroom modern, elegant, and, most importantly, a place where you can retreat, relax, and make some time for leisure.

Bathroom Remodel Trends For 2022
  • Concealed Storage Components: The recent trend to increase the bathroom storage space is a two-way approach. It can be either concealed or eye-catching. Adding the hidden bathroom storage is a safe option in the planning phase to avoid the storage mess to be visible and it will maintain the overall design streamlined while allowing the area to be usable. Many people have thought of this aspect in bathroom remodeling with storage being a major driver for this move.
  • Shower and Bath in one: The notion of an all-in-one shower and bath is being redefined. A glass divider now houses a complete shower and tub, rather than a confined tub with just shower curtains and a showerhead. It’s an excellent option for individuals who value practicality and ease.
  • Tech Bathroom: With technological innovations all around us, why not integrate them into bathrooms too? With the growing popularity of smart lavatories and touchless faucets, technology is increasingly being incorporated into bathroom layouts to provide more convenience and efficiency. Digital, wall-mounted displays, tech-savvy shower controls, smartphone applications, heated flooring, and exhaust fans that detect humidity and steam and switch themselves off and on automatically are among the top 2024 trends.
  • Enhanced Vanity Lighting: The new trend also includes brighter bathrooms. While bathroom remodeling includes construction, it also involves the aura and the appearance which is possible with proper lighting. Bright light vanities in bathrooms are a top hit in 2024. The focus is more on converting to environmentally friendly LED lights.
  • Dual Baths: Most of us have shared our bathrooms with people including guests. Now is the time for dual baths which includes double sinks of similar looks in one bathroom. Two sinks mean two lines for the shower and it makes it separate spaces for two people, it can be his and hers.
  • Make it like a spa: It’s not surprising, after the year of the pandemic, that the craze for home spas would dominate bathroom remodeling trends in 2024. There is a plethora of innovative bathrooms that will give a spa-like feel to build your very own getaway, ranging from fragrant candles to luxury fixtures. JC Constructions provide a fitting that offers that provides spa-like sensations including massaging showers, hydrotherapy tubs, and cutting-edge steam rooms or saunas.

Bathroom remodeling does not mean reconstructing it from scratch. To stay within your budget, you can have a touch of paint on the tiles or change to modern faucets to give your bath a fresh look. You can also experiment with wallpapers to make it look different and more than just a basic bathroom.