Creative Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Your Remodel

Bathroom vanities are functional furniture pieces that incorporate a sink and storage. Whether your tastes are modern or conventional, formal or rustic, minimalist or maximalist, there is a bathroom vanity to fit your preferences.

Remodeling your vanity may bring a lot of individuality and charm to your bathroom. To obtain a new appearance without replacing the entire unit, one can consider updating their vanity with new paint, hardware, countertops, and more. Designing a bathroom vanity enables you to fulfill your specific storage requirements as well as your aesthetic choices. You can update an old cabinet, or modify a table for a really unique vanity. We have brought you a variety of bathroom vanity ideas enlisted below.

  • Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Vanities are on the opposite end of the vanity style range. Rustic bathroom vanities are appealing to those who like unusual bathroom ideas. Rustic bathroom vanities are not just attractive, but also long-lasting and complement many different design schemes used in homes. Hardwood surfaces also go well with a variety of color palettes, making your bathroom versatile.
This design is especially common in older, bigger homes, farmhouses, and cottages. But, it may also be effectively used in smaller, newer dwellings.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity
  • Corner bathroom vanity

You may have a tiny bathroom regardless of whether you choose a contemporary or rustic style. A corner bathroom vanity is a compact bathroom vanity that fits neatly in a bathroom corner. This is a little angled vanity that has a faucet and sink, a small counter, and a bathroom mirror. They often include a tiny cupboard or storage area beneath them where plumbing may be accessible. A corner vanity is modest, yet it has several functions that homeowners will like.

  • Stone bathroom vanity

Most people believe you’re utilizing a wooden vanity with a stone or marble top when they picture a marble or stone vanity. Nevertheless, you may decide to go a step further. Remove the wooden cupboard and replace it with marble or stone for the full vanity. Create a vanity that seems like a single enormous block of stone attached to the wall by using tiles and stone veneers. Its design gives it the appearance of a floating vanity. For a more coherent design, use the same stone for the backsplash and the wall behind the vanity. When it comes to selecting a stone for your vanity, you have a few alternatives.

  • Double bathroom vanity

A dual sink vanity provides two spaces for usage in the same location. This generates two vanity zones for individuals to utilize concurrently. A double vanity is in great demand these days, particularly in master bathrooms. To install a double sink vanity in your bathroom, you must have enough space to accommodate two sinks while yet adhering to local construction requirements. Assess the distance between the sinks and the quantity of useful counter space around them.

Double bathroom vanity
  • Furniture-style bathroom vanity

Another great bathroom vanity idea is utilizing your furniture! With newly applied paint, new hardware, and a bit of elbow grease, you can transform a cherished dresser or console into a magnificent bathroom vanity. To account for plumbing, you can dismantle the interior frame of the dresser and reattach artificial drawer fronts for this bespoke vanity. Choose any vessel sink that fits your aesthetic, and make advantage of the complete bottom drawer for extra storage.