Home remodeling is certainly a large undertaking that can last for months. Depending on the size and scope of home remodel, it can often prompt the question:  Is this a DIY project or should I call in the pros?

Is it cheaper to remodel or rebuild your home? Depending on your exact needs, it’s typically based on size, scope, and budget. If you decide to remodel now or rebuild later, here are some great tips to make the most of what you have right now.

  1. You can increase your home’s efficiency, without increasing its size. Old kitchen layouts can be troublesome since it’s used on a daily basis. You can instead, reorganize and equip the kitchen for its maximum efficiency and utility. Most kitchen updates come in the form of adding spacious pull-out drawers, and adding more cabinets and storage 
  2. You can use recycled items and look for many useful materials in recycling centers if your builder will agree to use reclaimed items. You can also donate your unwanted items that are removed from your home which will give you additional cash to use, rather than having to dump or donate the materials simply for the tax credit.
  3. Do your own demolition. This is one task you can do yourself to remove some of the costs…  just be careful when doing so, as you don’t want to remove a load bearing wall or cut a live wire.
  4.  Make sure you tap your contractor’s sources for materials and manpower. They might even have an architect that you can consult. We always recommend that big projects like complete remodels should secure a partnership with a contractor.
  5. You should always consider the long term costs, and not just short-term gains, when choosing what you need for your home remodeling project.
  6. You can certainly take on some of the projects yourself to save on labor cost… even pick -up the materials needed, rather than have it delivered.
  7. It’s always best to make your  decisions early-on in terms of what you want for finishes, fixtures, and appliances before hiring your crews, so you know the costs up front,  saving everyone’s time and resources.

Here are seven factors and tips if you decide to start your home remodeling.

Bathroom Cabinets Installation

Bathroom Cabinets Installation

  1. You should decide up front whether or not to you should Do it Yourself or hire a professional

Unless you are a handyman, contractor or a professional , there are times when you probably should call or hire a professional to help you in your home project. You can hire a general contractor to oversee the entire build, or just simply hire a handyman or laborer, depending on the stage of the project or area of the house in need of renovation.

  1. Funds are always important. If money isn’t a consideration, you can choose the highest quality materials or hire the top professionals in your area. If like most, you need to be careful with costs, you should research the best financing options which will help in your home remodeling project. 
  2. Certainly, home renovations projects add value to the home especially the resale value.
  3. You should understand how to communicate and manage your contractors, work crews and handy man once its time to hire someone for help.
  4. Create a plan and budget and stick it. There always seems be additional costs arising, so it’s best to expect the unexpected and  save where you can and add at least 20% of the budget to unforeseen costs.
  5. Building permits are needed in home renovations especially a home addition, so plan ahead and apply for  permits early so that your timeline won’t shift  giving you enough padding to finish your project on time.  Time is obviously money, so the longer your permit process takes, the more costly and lengthy your home remodeling project will become. 
  6. Make sure you take safety and cleanliness into account  as you don’t want someone injured during your project. Try to avoids dangerous messes and design and maintain a plan for keeping clean worksite out while your project is being completed.

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