The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right ADU Builder

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a great venture that will offer you either extra living space or additional space for rent. However, the success of this project greatly relies on your builder, and that is why this guide has been tailored to help you in selecting the best ADU builder in Sacramento.

1. Define Your ADU Goals

Why It's Useful

Before reaching out to an ADU builder, one must clearly understand their project’s well-set goals. Knowing what you want will enable you to get a builder who is able to meet your needs.

Steps to Take

Ensure Intent: Establish whether your ADU is to be a rental unit, guest house, or an office.

Think About Size and Design: Think about what you want in terms of the size, design, and layout of your ADU.

Budget: You should agree on a budget that will help in reducing more of what you are looking for.

2. Builders Investigate and List

Why It Matters

Not every builder of ADUs is competent. A thorough review of different builders of ADUs will help you land on the one that is reliable and competent.

Steps to Take

Look for Experience: Look for ADU builders with experience in Sacramento home remodeling.

Reviews: The great bulk of customers will have sent in their reviews to Google or Yelp. Search through their database to know what they think.

Ask for Referrals: Obtain referrals from friends, family, or real estate professionals.

3. Ensure that the Builder is Licensed and Insured

So Why Does It Matter?

Having a licensed and insured builder ensures that a safeguard exists for you against possible risks while remaining compliant with the set regulations.

Steps to Take

Check their Licensing: Ensure a builder’s licenses are valid and can allow them to operate within your area or jurisdiction.

Insurance: Check to see if the contractor is insured for general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

4. Experience and Portfolio Assessment

Why It's Important

An experienced builder with a proven portfolio can tell you first-hand what they are able to do and how reliable they can be.

How to Go About It

Previous Projects: Look into a builder’s previous projects on accessory dwelling units, to determine the quality and style.

Inquire About Specialization: Make certain the builder specializes in ADUs and, in fact, has a great record of home remodeling in Sacramento.

5. Discuss Your Project in Detail

Why This Matters

Proper communication up and down the communication channel with your builder will unlock wonderful results for your ADU project. Discussing details in advance will save you from possible future misunderstandings.

Steps to Be Followed

Share a Blueprint of Your Imagination: Discuss the possible features and your needs and expectations with the builder.

Detailed Quote: Please submit a detailed quotation specifying all items of work.

Ask About Timelines: Discuss the expected timeline as well as potential delays.

6. Read Agreements Thoroughly

Why It Matters

It will also make known to the two parties concerned the work’s scope, its cost, and the timeline of the project, thus reducing the predisposition to disputes.

Steps to Be Taken

Read the Fine Print: The terms and conditions in the contract should be read carefully.

Define Inclusions and Exclusions: Ensure that the contract clearly states inclusions and exclusions regarding the project.

Payment Terms: Be aware of when payment is owed and any anticipated milestones.


The next course to take is goal setting, researching the builder to shortlist, verifying their credentials, evaluating their experience, discussing project details, and going through the contracts in fine detail. Make the most informed-guided decision—follow this if you are planning to have an ADU or home improvement in Sacramento to land on the right builder who is satisfying your needs and wants.