The Sequence of Steps in Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen makeover is one of the simplest methods to increase the value of any house. Since there are so many critical components involved in kitchen renovation, there is a quite specific procedure at JC Construction that is followed. It is not a science of the sequence, rather, it’s just a step-wise process that when followed, will be feasible.

The Sequence of Steps in Kitchen Remodeling
  • Step 1: in kitchen remodeling is assessing. Taking a good look at the existing kitchen to figure out what changes are needed and why.
  • Step 2: is really helpful in the total remodeling of the kitchen but it is also a very critical step i.e. measurements. You should measure each and everything in the kitchen you could imagine could be measured. From the length of the wall to the square feet of the floor covered. Each and everything must be accurately measured with no errors therefore it is recommended to measure everything multiple times.
  • Step 3: is the design of the new kitchen and its scope. In this step, the customer would get to choose the design according to their needs, budget, appearance, and functionality of the kitchen. This process comprises numerous components, ranging from material selection to 3D representations of the new space to a list of what will be changed and replaced in the kitchen. The project may begin once everything has been chosen and approved by the homeowner.
  • Step 4: is the fun part of the process, the demolition of the kitchen. Now is the time to take all the imagination and planning into action. The act of pulling down all of the old items in the kitchen to make place for new ones is known as demolition. Depending on the magnitude of the task, this might take a day or two to finish.
  • Step 5: is about giving the basic necessity to the kitchen, and installing plumbing and electric connections. Since the new kitchen design will decide whether or not the current plumbing and/or electrical wiring has to be moved or changed, this stage is closely related to step three. If this is the case, a qualified plumber and electrician are called in to relocate the existing plumbing and electrical outlets.
  • Step 6: is to install the flooring. The flooring may be installed once the electrical and plumbing outlets have been relocated and installed in their new location.
  • Step 7: is to put up the cabinets. The new kitchen cabinets will be installed next. This is an exciting phase since it’s the time when the new kitchen starts to take shape. New kitchen cabinets completely change the look and feel of the room, as well as how it performs. Cabinets provide additional storage and other amenities, allowing the homeowner to truly understand the new space.
  • Step 8: is to install the counter and backsplash. The installation of countertops is another exciting stage in the kitchen remodeling The backsplash and countertops can be chosen in a combination or the design can be similar. Granite countertops are the most beautiful ones!
  • Step 9: is to install the sink, faucet, and appliances. This is when everything starts to come together! The sink, faucet, and appliances are as essential as the cabinets, countertop, and floor.
  • Step 10: is the last but not least, the final step of the remodeling process. Finishing touches! The addition of the accessories and final touches to the kitchen will bring out the life of the kitchen!