A Quick Turnaround: One-Day Bathroom Remodel 101

If you’ve been putting off remodeling your bathroom because you can’t face the prospect of shutting down this high-traffic area for weeks, a one-day bathroom remodels could be ideal for you. These projects may drastically transform the appearance of your room without disrupting your life for extended periods of time.

Even if you want to sell your house or not, a revamped bathroom always adds a point to the aesthetic of a house. If you want to revamp your bathroom because you are bored of the same old one, but also want to stay within your budget, no worries! Here are some very feasible tips on how you can proceed with your bathroom remodel, and it will only take one day!

Before starting the bathroom remodeling, it’s a clever idea to make a list of renovations your bathroom needs and what alternatives you can make for them, and then make a budget to stay within.

A Quick Turnaround: One-Day Bathroom Remodel 101
  • The trick to a one-day bathroom redesign is that, preserves your original appliances but gives them a “new skin.” This means that the bathroom remodeling contractor will put a fresh coating of beautiful and sturdy acrylic on top of your existing fixtures while retaining the base.
  • You can get the showerhead and faucets changed to give a brand-new look to the bathroom.
  • You can also get the walls painted with a basic color or put a wallpaper to give it a tile-like appearance. This would take a lot lesser time than putting each tile one by one.
  • If you want shower panel walls, then get the PVC ones that are easily and quickly installed without any hassle.
  • Update to good lighting in the bathroom, which is possible with bulbs that are easy to install.
  • Fix the damaged showers or faucets.
  • Instead of changing the sink or bathtub, you can put a fresh layer of acrylic on them to make them look brand new.

Because of the hassle, many individuals put off remodeling their bathrooms. While you may sleep on the sofa while remodeling your bedroom and dine elsewhere while remodeling your kitchen, a bathroom is essential to many of your daily habits. You can now hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, to come in and completely rebuild your bathroom in only one day. JC Construction offers this unique facility.

A pro tip is to keep it all original and make only the minimalist changes but significant ones that would take less time and bathroom remodeling cost, rather than totally removing and replacing the fixtures. It’s not necessary to start your bathroom remodel from scratch. Touchups on the tub, shower, sinks, and towel railings would work perfectly fine.

One-day bathroom remodels are often far less expensive than traditional bath makeovers. This cheaper expense is due to the fact that you are retaining much of the previous bathroom while entirely redesigning it. Furthermore, because one-day bathroom remodels take a shorter time to finish, they will save you money on labor.

Is a one-day bathroom remodel appealing?