The Ultimate Kitchen Remodeling Checklist for Homeowners

Updating your kitchen can be very exciting and rewarding. It’s a way to leverage the space to get the most out of your cooking, baking, family meals, and nights of entertainment.

Of course, your kitchen remodeling project involves a lot more than simply choosing new appliances, picking out a new backsplash, and maybe adding an island to the center of the space. Kitchen remodels require a lot of planning as it’s a significant investment, and you want to get the most out of it since you likely only have one chance to get it right, financially speaking. 

To make your life easier, we’ve put together a kitchen remodeling checklist so you don’t leave any important details out.

Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodel Checklist

There are a few primary things to consider before tackling a custom kitchen remodel:

  • Your budget
  • Your needs
  • Your style preferences

The national average for a mid-range kitchen remodel starts at roughly $80,000. However, there are several factors that come into play in determining what the ultimate cost will be, such as:

  • Your kitchen’s current square footage and what you plan to add
  • How many new appliances you’ll need
  • The cost of materials
  • Potential issues that may crop up, such as electrical or plumbing
  • Labor costs

You’ll also want to think about how you use your current kitchen. Do you cook or bake a lot? Do you do a lot of entertaining? If so, you’ll likely want your space to cater to those things to make your life easier and the experience of using your new kitchen more enjoyable.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your style preferences. The most common kitchen aesthetics include:

  • Modern
  • Rustic/farmhouse
  • Contemporary
  • Luxury
  • Mid-century
  • Mediterranean
  • French country/provincial
  • American traditional

Ultimately, you want to choose an aesthetic that’s cohesive to the rest of your home. Fortunately, these are all things your kitchen remodel contractor can help you with if you get stuck.

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

couple reviewing checklist for kitchen remodeling

Your kitchen remodeling checklist should begin with finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor. The right contractor will be able to guide you through all of your options, work within your budget, and create a reasonable timeline for the kitchen remodel project.

Here’s what to consider when sifting through the different kitchen contractors in your area:

  • Years of industry experience
  • Proper licensing and certifications
  • Customer reviews
  • Their gallery of completed kitchen remodels
  • The warranties they offer
  • Their partnerships
  • Awards and accolades
  • Their online presence
  • Special financing options

Once you find a trustworthy contractor, you can schedule a (usually free) consultation and get an estimate for the work. 

Once you have a dollar amount to work with and know what you can expect from your contractor, here’s the checklist you’ll want to run through before confirming the details:

Flooring Options

Kitchen floors are not something to overlook. Many flooring styles go in and out of style, but what’s most important is that you choose materials that are functional and long-lasting. After all, kitchen floors take more of a beating than most homeowners realize.

The most popular kitchen floor options include:

  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Wood laminate
  • Finished concrete
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Limestone
  • Vinyl

Be sure to choose kitchen flooring that will work within your budget and overall design preferences.


New kitchen cabinets can become costly, depending on the materials you choose. The good news is that many older kitchen cabinets can be salvaged by updating and resurfacing them to match the aesthetics of your new kitchen.

So, you’ll want to start by assessing your current kitchen cabinets to determine the type of shape they’re in. You may even be able to do the refurbishing yourself if you’re handy, which can save you money on the remodel.

If you need to purchase new cabinets, you can find budget-friendly options by checking with:

  • Retailer outlets
  • Online resale groups
  • Vintage or antique shops in your area

You can also usually get a discount by purchasing floor models at hardware stores and kitchen showrooms.


after remodeling of modern kitchen granite countertop

Countertops are often one of the first things to go during a kitchen remodel. Fortunately, there are tons of options available, including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Engineered quartz
  • Wood
  • Butcher block wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Finished concrete

The type of countertop materials you choose should depend directly on what you like to cook and what you can afford to maintain.

If you cook a lot of sauces, you’ll want to stay away from marble as the acidity in sauces, citrus fruits, and wine can ruin the material. However, if you’re a baker, a perpetually cool surface like marble can greatly benefit your cookie-making efforts.


Kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes, as well as styles and finishes. When it comes to choosing the right ones (if you’re updating them all), you’ll want to consider the following:

  • How much you cook and bake
  • Whether you prefer gas or electric
  • Whether or not you plan to do a lot of entertaining, i.e., feeling guests
  • Your style preferences
  • How many people in your household will be using said appliances
  • Which brands you prefer

You want your appliances to match your overall kitchen aesthetic, which can range from simple and modern to retro. If you plan to do a lot of holiday entertaining, you’ll likely need more cooking space, which means a double oven and larger range — plus plenty of refrigerator room.


No kitchen remodel would be complete without installing new lighting fixtures to set the tone and mood. You have plenty of options here, including:

  • Track lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Under-the-cabinet lighting
  • Pendant lighting
  • Sconces

While your lighting fixture choices will be narrowed down by the aesthetic you’re choosing, you never want to underestimate what lighting can do for your kitchen space. 


If your kitchen is older and outdated, there’s a good chance that your kitchen windows are as well. This is an excellent opportunity to seize the moment while there are already renovations being done and a mess in the house. 

Casement windows are the most popular in kitchens as they offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They’re also easy to open and close when you need to air out the space. However, you have plenty of other options to choose from, including:

  • Sliding windows
  • Garden windows
  • Double hung windows

You can even add stained glass details to add to your aesthetic!

Other Kitchen Details

remodeling of modern kitchen close to finish

Once you have the major details out of the way, you can focus on the minor details, which undoubtedly make a huge difference. This would include:

  • Your backsplash
  • Fresh paint
  • Storage preferences
  • Overall layout
  • Seating and furniture
  • Sink type
  • Decor

Your overall layout will determine what can fit into your kitchen. For example, counter stools work very well with a large kitchen island and can negate the need to spend money on a dining table. 

Conversely, breakfast nooks are also incredibly popular in larger kitchens with open layouts, as are walk-in pantries. These are the little things that can genuinely take your kitchen remodel to the next level.

Ready for a New Kitchen?

Kitchen remodels can be overwhelming, even with a checklist. There are tons of options out there for every nook and cranny of your kitchen. With the right contractor, however, you can narrow down those options and achieve the kitchen of your dreams without frustration and tears.

JC Construction has the experience and knowledge to help you design your dream kitchen while remaining on par with your budget. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and to start planning your kitchen remodel.