How To Fix A Cracked Window (Homeowners Guide)

Cracked windows are a common and frustrating issue many homeowners face. Despite their appearance, these cracks can often be fixed without the need for expensive professional intervention. 

This article will equip you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix a cracked window—although we always recommend contacting a professional contractor if the window appears beyond saving. JC Construction and Remodeling is a highly-regarded contractor, operating out of Northern California. JC Construction and Remodeling offers complete window and door replacement, helping breathe new life into your home. 

Steps to Fix a Cracked Window

Initial steps involving prepping the glass—you’ll want to remove any dirt or debris that could interfere with adhesive or epoxy. 

Clean Glass Surface

man inspecting the cracked window and taking notes

Starting the process of repairing a damaged window, we begin with an essential task – cleaning the glass. With utmost caution to prevent exacerbating the crack, gently wash around and over it using mild soap and water.

Be particularly vigilant to avoid applying excessive pressure which might cause further damage. As well as ensuring a clean surface for subsequent repair steps, this initial cleanse aids in removing any smudge marks or dirt that might be masking additional cracks in your shattered window pane.

Post-cleaning, thoroughly examine the glass once more to identify if there are more cracks that require attention before proceeding with other restoration steps. Regular cleaning maintains both the appearance and condition of your windows, making it easier to spot irregularities like these damaging cracks sooner rather than later.

Mix Two-Part Epoxy

In your DIY quest to fix your cracked window, two-part epoxy can play an essential role. You’ll need acetone, a cotton rag, glass cleaner and your ready-to-mix epoxy. Start by cleaning the window thoroughly with the glass cleaner to remove any dirt or dust particles.

Upon cleaning the glass surface, proceed with mixing your two-part epoxy. This material has proven effective for repairing glass cracks and once it’s applied correctly across the crack—using gentle pressure will make sure it seeps into every part of the fractured area.

Two-part epoxy consists of a resin and hardener, neither of which will work effectively on their own. 

Let it sit for at least five minutes to cure properly but be prepared—you may have to repeat this process depending on how severe the crack or damage is.


Pour your prepared two-part epoxy into the crack on your window, ensuring to fill it entirely. This step is key among all other steps to fix a cracked window and must be executed with precision.

Be sure to work the adhesive back and forth over the damaged area for maximum effect. Hold the mixture in place using duct tape or painter’s tape, a process that complements the efficiency of this DIY window crack repair method.

Remove Excess

Removing excess epoxy is a crucial step in fixing a cracked window. After applying the epoxy mixture to hide the crack, there is often some excess adhesive left on the surface of the glass. To ensure a clean and professional-looking repair, it is important to remove this excess epoxy.

One effective method is to carefully scrape away the excess using a razor blade or another sharp blade. 

Again, be sure to use gentle pressure to avoid damaging the glass. If there are any remaining traces of epoxy residue, acetone can be used to dissolve and remove them completely.

DIY Window Crack Repair Methods

In addition to using epoxy, there are other DIY methods to fix a cracked window. Discover these simple yet effective techniques for repairing your windows at home. Read more..

Fixing Tape

man measuring the window before placing fixing tape

Fixing tape is a simple and cost-effective solution for repairing small cracks in your windows. This DIY window crack repair method is especially useful for single-pane windows. To begin, thoroughly clean the glass surface to ensure proper adhesion of the tape.

Then, carefully apply the fixing tape along the length of the crack, pressing it firmly to create a tight seal. The tape helps prevent further damage and can give you some peace of mind until you’re able to schedule a more permanent fix.

Remember to choose a high-quality transparent or clear tape that won’t distract from the appearance of your window.

By using fixing tape as an interim solution, homeowners can quickly address minor cracks without breaking the bank. It’s important to note that while this method can be effective for smaller cracks, it may not provide a permanent fix for larger or more severe damage.

Nail Polish

Nail polish and glue are two common household items that can be used to fix a cracked window. Transparent nail polish can be layered over the crack, allowing it to fill in the gaps and provide a temporary solution.

Similarly, clear super glue can also be applied to the crack, creating a strong bond that holds the glass together. When using these DIY methods, it’s important to remove any excess epoxy with a razor blade or sharp blade and clean away any residue with acetone glass cleaner and a clean rag.


window after applying epoxy on it

For homeowners looking to repair a cracked window, using epoxy is an excellent choice for achieving a strong and durable seal—as we previously mentioned. 

Epoxy, which consists of both a resin and hardener, offers exceptional bonding properties that can make the crack nearly invisible when applied correctly.

By mixing the two substances together and applying them to the damaged area, homeowners can effectively restore their window’s integrity. After ensuring the glass is clean, acetone glass cleaner and a cotton rag can be used to prepare the surface.

Then comes the crucial step of mixing the epoxy resin and hardener according to instructions before applying it to the crack with precision. Once applied, any excess epoxy can be easily removed using a razor blade or sharp blade.


Fixing a cracked window may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it’s something homeowners can easily tackle on their own—provided the entire window isn’t shattered beyond repair. 

By following simple steps in a DIY repair and purchasing some epoxy, you can pretty easily restore your window to its former glory. Of course, it might not look as visually appealing as it once did. For genuine remodeling and window replacement, JC Construction and Remodeling is here to revitalize your old windows anew—contact us today for a free quote on your window repair or replacement.