How to Build an ADU in Sacramento?

Building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in Sacramento is a good idea for adding some additional living space to your property, whether you want to move in a family member, rent out a room, or just want the extra space for yourself. In the course of this, you will be provided with all the detailed information on the entire process with the imposition of preferential steps and details.

Understanding ADUs

An ADU is a type of house that is located next to the one that is already there, but it is not a separate property. It can take the form of a building that is separated from the owner’s house, an addition to the house, or a room that has been converted from the main structure, e.g. a garage or a basement. In the first place, ADUs invoicing is the result of a very flexible & cheap way to make a property look more valuable and change its purpose.

Why Build an ADU in Sacramento?

An ADU construction in Sacramento can be incredibly beneficial because the city is on the rise when it comes to population, thus increasing housing demand, which contributes to the vitality of the area and the creation of a space that fosters the improvement of these infrastructures. The city joins hands with the private sector to inspire ADUs growth and thereby to tackle the craving for more shelters and more affordable rents.

Steps to Build an ADU in Sacramento

1. Research Local Regulations

As a first step, go through Sacramento’s regulations and train yourself on the formalities of the ADU program you are going to roll in next. The city has given out a few directives following which your ADU should be of a particular size, it must conform to zoning standards, and space should be provided for parking. Visit the Sacramento city planning website, or you can also connect ADU builders in Sacramento for legal compliance.

2. Design Your ADU

Seek help from the architect in designing a plan that is in line with the necessary codes of construction and also cater for your requirements. The main concern is about the structure, dimensions, bedrooms number, and if the unit you will have, should it be detached or attached to the main house.

3. Hire Professional ADU Builders

Choosing highly skilled and experienced ADU builders in Sacramento is the first and most important way which helps the construction process go smoothly. Ask them for examples of their previous work and get references from the best of the best. When it comes to working with them, they help you through the mastery of permits, inspections, and construction.

4. Obtain Permits

You will need to have your ADU plans submitted to Sacramento’s planning department for approval. You are expected to secure building permits, which could cover electric, plumbing, and mechanical works. When you carry out this step, your ADU will be in full compliance with all safety and zoning standards.

5. Begin Construction

Construction starts once you get the green light as an owner. Your ADU workers will carry out excavation, foundation work, framing, roofing, and completion. Regular checks by municipal authorities will take place to attest to the fact that the building codes are adhered to.

6. Utilities and Landscaping

Make sure you have water, electricity, and an outdoor sewer system connected to your ADU. Besides, there should be a landscaping design to get the new unit to look good with your main property.

7. Final Inspection and Approval

The visit will be scheduled for a final inspection once the construction is over. Once your ADU has passed this inspection, you will be given a certificate of occupancy which is a document allowing you to use the bedroom, study, or other space.

Benefits of Working with ADU Builders in Sacramento

One significant thing about collaborating with professional ADU builders in Sacramento is the several advantages they offer:

Ease: Their knowledge of the local regulations and building codes is remarkable.

Efficiency: The professional crew that specializes in infrastructure shall make the building of the new piece outstanding, thereby saving the owner time and money.

Quality: In fact, it is the 100 years experienced building laborers who are instrumental to the impeccable building job, keeping your ADU in that perfect condition even now.


Building an ADU in Sacramento is a valuable investment that enhances your property’s utility and value. By following these steps and working with knowledgeable ADU builders in Sacramento, you can create a functional and attractive additional living space. Whether you need extra room for family, a rental unit, or a personal retreat, an ADU is a versatile solution that meets your needs.