What is the Best Material to Use for Kitchen Countertops?

The kitchen is one of the major factors in choosing your next home. Making sure we choose the right design and material for our kitchen is important as it adds value in the long term. Most home renovation occurs in the kitchen where an update or refitting to a modern look takes place. The kitchen countertop is certainly a main feature of the kitchen. There is a saying that the heart of the home is the kitchen, and the kitchen countertop is where the magic happens.

It is tough to choose the right countertop as there are tons of options in the market. We always want the best for our home that we can be proud of. We all want it to be durable, last longer at a good price. Choosing the right kitchen countertop really depends both on your style and lifestyle (if you cook a lot as well as bake). Different countertops materials have their own pros and cons. You must take into consideration hardness, durability, heat, and stain resistance. You also need to factor in if you want a natural stone or a manufactured composite material in choosing your kitchen countertop.

Here are four mostly used kitchen countertop materials:

Granite – Is made of beautiful natural stone from a molten magma that flows into a rock that cools slowly, then ground/cut and polished to use a kitchen countertop. This is why granite has great durability and strength. Cut and heat don’t harm granite that requires low maintenance though a proper and periodic sealing touch-up is needed to resist stain. You can have tons of color options, veining, and patterns to choose from. It is important to select the slabs that are quarried in the same stone to ensure the veining and color are similar.

Quartz – Known as engineered stone. It is made from a manufactured composite material of loose quartz and various resin. It is the most versatile and preferred kitchen countertop nowadays. Since it is manufactured there can be many types of quartz countertop, you can even get a natural stone or wood look. It is a material of choice of designers, builders, and consumers looking for exceptional quality. Quartz doesn’t need resealing, it is nonporous, harder than granite and marble as well as offers solid heat resistance. It is also a bit more expensive than granite.

Marble – Is like by many in terms of aesthetic—classic and luxurious vibe. It is made from natural stone that comes in colors like white, different shades of grey, brown, taupe, rose, blue, green, and yellow. There are no two marble slabs that are the same, every marble is unique. Not the most practical choice for a kitchen countertop as it is softer than other natural stone as it will scratch if you cut on it directly. It is also porous, you better make sure that you clean up spills right away as it would stain if you forgot to wipe and clean it up fast. Marble maintains a low temperature, so it is good for baking as well as to roll out and shape the dough. It is important to use a quality sealant to reduce and prevent stains.

Concrete –One of the newest types of very trendy kitchen countertop. It is made by pouring concrete on the surface desired shape. It is durable and hard. Concrete is a fascinating material that gives a modern industrial vibe with an unrefined and unfinished look. It is a custom material to fit different shapes and sizes. The surface can be personalized in hundreds of different ways by adding different colors, stones, glass, shells, and many other materials. If you pour concrete into your countertop, it will take few days and even weeks for it to cure or you can use pre-cast concrete if you are in a hurry to build your kitchen countertop.

There are more materials that you can use to spruce up your kitchen countertop like Laminate, Soapstone, Resin, and Wood. Depending on what look you want to achieve or personal style there is one right for you just make sure you hire an expert builder to make your dream kitchen.