All About Small Kitchen Design

Since smaller kitchens have fewer options compared to larger kitchen spaces, a properly planned, functional small kitchen design can provide a compact, yet space-saving and practical area for everyday use. So not to worry… there are many ways in which a small kitchen design can actually work in your favor.

Here are a few tricks of the trade to help make the most of a small kitchen space:

  •  Open design or layout is very ideal for a small kitchen space. A single wall or L shaped kitchen is a layout that best flows into the adjoining room naturally that doesn’t look cramped.
  • Replace cabinets with drawers. Install pull-outs inside cupboards, since cupboards can’t store the same number of items as drawers and pull-outs. You can maximize your cupboards’ space to allow for storage of additional kitchen items.
Small Kitchen Design in Northern CA
  • Opt for smooth, streamline, and modern cabinets that extend to the ceiling. Cabinets are the
    defining elements of any quality small kitchen design. It can be both a minimalist and modern look.
  •  Replace door handles and knobs with finger pulls, slim and sleek handles, tiny knobs, or magnetic strips which give kitchen cabinets a modern look thusly making the room appear larger. Or you can just ditch the hardware entirely. Don’t allow the space above your cabinets to be wasted.. Make certain your contractor extends and adds cupboards in the area to store additional items that aren’t often used. In addition to the extra storage, extending cupboards to the ceiling will certainly provide the appearance height to your tiny kitchen.
  •  Open shelving is also a great option. Certainly, this is a budget idea for small kitchen space but it also allows the appearance of extra space and provides the kitchen with a look and feel of openness.
  • Color. Choose white for your small kitchen design as your base and add a complementary shade or even neutral palette that suits your style. It is also recommended to paint the ceiling with a complimentary color to finish off your small kitchen design. Adhering to the same hues or single palette from one color family provides a seamless and continuous look without being cut. Having this neutral background is always a good idea when you have different colors in your existing appliances, hardware, and/or backsplash.
  •  Smart lighting is key when combining natural light through windows. Add as many windows as functionally possible to provide as much light within your space. This, along with glossy finishes on cabinets can help reflect light around the room.

Optimize and be creative with storage options.

You can maximize storage space by choosing pot racks, cutlery hooks and magnetic knife strips attach to the wall or above the kitchen island.
Installing drawers at the end of the kitchen island, adding a storage basket or even shelves above the sink, is also a great option.

You can also install an appliance garage, which can tuck away that toaster, coffeemaker, or other appliances when not in use… or even perhaps install a designated cabinet with a spring-loaded shelf. You can literally conceal all of your appliances by using folding wood pocket doors to conceal the entire counter and cabinet area against the wall to provide a clutter-free kitchen space.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use your “green thumb.” Adding plants can help make your small kitchen space feel closer to nature… and you happier.