Choosing the shower door for your new shower or your next shower improvement is crucial and depends on several factors like bathroom/ shower space dimensions, how much space you have between shower and fixtures, how much time and money you want to invest vs. style and budget. As there are different bathroom styles, from contemporary, modern, traditional, and industrial to choose from, you’ll also need to factor in how your shower door is framed.

There are three kinds of framed types for your shower or bathroom enclosure:


More of a classic and standard design mostly used for a traditional bathrooms. The frames securely hold the glass in place. These frames wrap completely around the glass. With framed showers, you can choose the many  options of hardware, to match the glass and finishes. You can also choose pivoting or sliding options. Pivoting doors swing open, while the sliding door slips from side-to-side in the track. Frames can be made from aluminum or composite materials. The doors are made with tracks that catch dripping water and may need to be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and mildew. The framed enclosure is the most cost-effective and easiest to install.

Framed Shower Door


Certainly, frameless offers the sleeker look without a frame to outline the walls and doors. It provides the bathroom an open, airy, and spacious feel. For a frameless shower, you can choose a pivoting , hinged or doorless walk-in shower. It has no lines which provides a clean look and a perfect view of the shower. With a frameless shower enclosure, they are constructed of  a sturdy, thick, tempered glass that does not require the support of metal around its exterior edge, making this a durable and structurally sound choice. The frameless enclosure supports its own weight on whatever method it is mounted. The result is clean-lined with elegant and modern looks that are free of visual obstructions. It helps showcase the stonework, tile designs, and hardware of your bathroom. The frameless door can be virtually metal-free except for the clips on the panels, hinges, and handles. A frameless shower enclosure costs twice as much as a basic metal-enclosed model. This shower enclosure is a great choice and easiest to clean.

Frameless Shower Door


More of a contemporary look of a frameless enclosure, this alternative to a frameless enclosure is as stylish but also suits the budget-conscious.  Semi-frameless has metal around the structure but the door itself is frameless. The frame can be manufactured  on top, bottom or sides of the door.

Semi Frameless Shower Door

As there are many framed styles to choose from there are also options in terms of how the doors/enclosure will open.  You can choose from sliding, fixed, hinged, pivoting and folding. As for the shape of the door, there are cornered, alcove, and round. You also need to take into consideration the different glass styles, from clear, frosted, patterned, obscure, and rain.

Before the enclosures are installed,  make sure they are coated with surface protection or C10 before they leave the factory. C10 repels water, oils, and soap scums as well as blocks UV rays.

For cleaning shower doors, you can rinse the doors with clean hot water, let the hot water steam up the shower doors, and prepare them to be scrubbed loosening any bits of dirt or grime. You can also use commercial glass cleaner to spray down both sides, wipe out with a microfiber towel or paper towel. You can also do a DIY alternative with a spray bottle with vinegar or a bucket of water with vinegar and soak the sponge into solution and rub it to the doors. Some use a mixture of baking soda, water/vinegar. Just make sure to follow up wiping with dry paper towels or microfibers to avoid streaks.

Choosing the type of shower door is certainly as important as choosing the right tile for your new bathroom. If you choose the wrong door, it might ruin the overall look you are planning to achieve. As there are tons of options and market prices vary, you should carefully plan out the shower enclosure, as the overlook of the bathroom is affected by the choice of your shower door.