Patio Construction in Lincoln

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    Patio Construction in Lincoln

    Patio Construction in Lincoln

    So you're wanting to add a patio to your home to add additional space for the family to hang out and have barbecues with friends. It's always best to brainstorm everything beforehand, making certain to include the many variables before taking on a project like this. You can definitely entertain guests, while creating additional square footage, perhaps create a live—building your patio, while adding value to your home From consultation until the finished deck is complete, this will take time, effort and much thought. The design and style, the size, the budget should be your primary considerations. Will this be a DIY project, or will you hire an expert to build your patio? Most homeowners opt for a simple square shaped patio space, but a small percentage look for a more elaborate patio design, including paving and complex landscape designs.

    Your patio design should be carefully planned and executed. An essential part of the design should include your climate… most specifically whether or not your locale is subject to ground freeze. It’s crucial to extend the sub-base to below frost line to prevent freeze-thaw disturbance and consider soil drainage.

    Here is a basic overview to patio construction.

    Site Preparation and Marking

    It's necessary to clean and prepare the space where you want your patio located, including removing plants, debris, and any other elements. Make sure to level the site before work begins. Marking the layout for the patio is next, using strings, batter boards or an eco-friendly marker to measure out the patio size.


    Once the patio is marked and leveled you are ready to excavate the deck about 6-8 inches deep, allowing for at least a 4-inch thick base and 4 inches of concrete on top. Most builders use wood or plastic forms to secure the concrete as it cures after pouring, floating and troweling.


    Tamp down the soil using a handheld tamping tool and repeatedly check the ground level to ensure it is even. Next is another layer of gravel into the entire excavated patio area. Ensure your stone base is level before pouring wet concrete. Depending on the material and contractor, put a layer of plastic sheeting over the compact gravel (moisture barrier) followed by reinforcing metal mesh screen (rebar) as expansion joints made of one-half-inch thick strips of asphalt-impregnated fiber are used every 15 feet or so set into the form. Doing this will ensure your concrete is poured entirely and level… float and trowel smooth until it is firm. Often times a brushed (broom finish) on top of the concrete before it cures will provide texture.


    Some homeowners opt for dry-laid patios, using pavers, bricks, or flagstone. After the concrete cures, the paving material of choice is installed using an adhesive or a mixed material between the stone. Builders provide the pattern based on the client wants. No need for cure time laying pavers as these dry quickly.

    Creating a patio can either be a fun DIY project, but more elaborate elaborate projects require additional and professional skills and experience. If you're in the market for an elaborate patio, make sure to look for a contractor that specializes in patio design and construction.. it can help prevent unnecessary headaches.

    Patio Construction in Lincoln
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    Patio Construction in Lincoln


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