When you’re building your dream kitchen, it is necessary to make the most of your cabinet space. You need to know what features you’d like and tell your builder how you and your family functions,  as it is best to set up cabinetry in a way that works best for you. Besides functionality, it is important to consider the style of kitchen cabinets you want to install as there are tons to choose from: Contemporary, Modern, Shaker, Country, Mission style, French Country, Country, Tuscan, Craftsman Style, and many others.

Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling in SacramentoYou may want the kitchen to have a cohesive look to the general style of the house…  or maybe you want to have a slightly different look.  Or, you might have a totally different style in mind… it completely depends on you!

In planning your cabinetry layout and functionality, it is important to start with want you want to store within your cabinet. Create a list of the things you’re considering storing, like herbs and spices, oils, utensils, cookware, and tabletop items. Also, include small appliances that are needed for cooking or preparation, food & drinks, or  paper products, baking supplies, pet supplies, Tupperware, cleaning supplies, and anything you like to keep handy in your kitchen.

It’s satisfying to have a clean and sleek countertop without clutter, as all your kitchen items have a home base. Strategically the layout should depict the kitchen’s work effectiveness, and you need to consider utilizing the kitchen cabinets and storage potential to have an easy and functional kitchen workspace.

Below are cabinet features to consider that will maximize the storage potential of your next kitchen space.

Drawers and sliding shelves

Considered as a convenient and flexible storage option, pull-out drawers make it easy to access items with no digging around blindly in the back of the deep cabinet. Certainly, drawers are ergonomic, flexible storage, and easy storage space to speed up cooking and food preparation. It is also very attractive in any kitchen style. Mainly use standard drawers for utensils to be placed on top, but many opt for deep drawers where you can put bigger items like pots and pans and even china and glasses.

sliding kitchen drawers

Trash pull-out

Put your trash behind the door where it will not be seen or smell. Make the space where you can put at least two trash bins in there, one for refuse and one for recycling.

Trash Pull-out Drawer
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Vertical dividers

Very functional for storing many different large and flat objects like cutting boards and baking sheets. Can be placed in a narrow cabinet space where the drawer is not practical. Adding a custom insert will help keep the space neat and organized.

vertical dividers in cabinet

Spice pull-out

Pull-out storage next to the stove for your spices helps in countertop decluttering as well as within easy reach when cooking. Organizing spices is always tricky.

Corner storage

This space can be a great storage area for the kitchen where a Lazy Susan can be placed, blind corner cabinet with pull out shelves or a corner drawer that has L-shaped fronts.

kitchen corner storage cabinet

Some storage drawer solutions are wood tiered cutlery divider, k-cup drawer organizer, cooking utensil divider, and power glide drawer outlet. For drawer base, you can choose from super sink base, push to open wastebasket, base pantry pull-out, cutlery, and knife block pull out, container pull out, Super Lazy Susan, base corner curved pull out, food storage container organizer, roll out tray divider, can and wine pull-out, and push to open toe-kick drawer. For wall and tall options, there are Utility organizer, adjustable easy roll trays, four-drawer stacked pantry, ez-org modular pull-out, wall message center and over the fridge pull out.

The right accessories, storage, and cabinet solutions can make the difference in your kitchen space as they will be attractive and functional that will make your life more efficient, and will save you tons of time. Custom cabinetry base on your need works best as it will make your life much easier.