If your bathroom current look is dull and understated, or you might have a leaky faucet and have fixtures that aren’t performing correctly, maybe it’s time for an update. Changing a few key elements in your bathroom can spruce it up and make it look modern while fixing that leaky problem. Plumbing fixtures are important elements in any bathroom remodeling project. Choosing the right plumbing fixtures can help create an elegant bathroom. If you take the time to pair your bathroom sinks with a perfect set of faucets, you can set the tone for the entire bathroom space. You can splurge on plumbing fixtures or be on a budget… it’s obviously up to you.
The best way to begin is to select the perfect plumbing fixture. You can shop around in large contractor warehouses, bathroom showrooms, or peruse different ideas online. Bathroom fixtures remodeling is a big undertaking with many decisions, from design, color, layout, lighting, bathtubs, faucets, and fixtures to consider.
Make sure to take into account the overall design you’re going for to help in the process of choosing these perfect fixtures. Paired fixtures can typically create a consistent look. The quality of fixtures is also important both for design and efficiency and will affect your life and even safety.

Here’s a list of bathroom fixtures to consider while remodeling

Bathroom Sinks

Sinks serve as a focal point of the bathroom. Bathroom sinks and faucets are the most used fixtures with daily use, so functionality should be on top of the list. There are different types of sinks, from vessel sinks that are ideally used for powder rooms, under-mounted sinks, pedestal sinks, and glass sinks. Sourcing your next bathroom sink will be a task as there are tons of options. It all boils down to the style you want to achieve, mainly modern, traditional, or rustic/eclectic vibe as well if you want it under-mounted or wall mounted.


Used mainly for water efficiency as its daily use for handwashing, brushing teeth, washing face and a lot more happen in the bathroom sink/vanity. A well-functioning faucet is a necessity. Can be fastened to the lavatory deck, integrated, or even mounted on the wall or floor. I recommend buying a sturdy and functional faucet to last longer. Even on a simple bathroom update, a faucet change can freshen up the bathroom look and complete the space. Consider the countertop space you have as well as the sinks you have when buying your faucet to avoid splashing.


Standard toilets are 14-15 inches high (height) some are taller than are 16-18 inches high. You can choose the toilet depending on your preference. Toilets come from a range of different colors and designs. Some toilets are budget-friendly and there are toilets that will cost you thousands of dollars. Japanese toilets with those features are getting popular nowadays.


This is a permanent bathroom fixture that needs to be reliable because of daily use. If you plan to replace an old one or add this to the bathroom space, make sure it is right for the space and your needs. Whether you want a tub or a shower, choosing the right one for your need is important. Also, the top consideration will be if it will fit your bathroom and the installation that is required. There are different bathtubs to choose from drop-in, undermount, three-wall alcove, freestanding, corner tub, walk-in, and clawfoot. Depending on the experience you want to do with your tub affects your choice. If you just want to soak in the tub or want a jetted -whirlpool experience with water jets that target near major muscle groups for a massage experience or a jetted air with tiny holes for gentle massage. It can also be a combination of whirlpools and air tubs.

Showerheads or shower faucets

Greatly important as this is a major fixture that is used daily at home, you need to consider the height of everyone at home for showerheads. This can be a quick update for any bathroom if you replace your shower faucet. You need to consider the shower arm, shower head, the valve or rough-in valve, valve trim in choosing your new shower faucet. You can replace the shower faucet or the entire shower system. Experienced remodelers choose from spray patterns and rain showers. You need to consider water flow rate and the scald guard which is the setting that balances the mix of hot and cold water.


Planning is obviously important when choosing the bathroom fixtures, their sizes, and layout of the bathroom. If you are not a handyman or contractor and not sure on how to tackle the bathroom update or renovation. It’s best to hire a professional contractor to be worry-free.