Remodeling the bathroom is one home improvement project which requires plenty of planning and patience… even though the bathroom is the smallest room in the house.  Since it is a smaller space, it can be tougher to renovate and do big improvements. No matter how great your idea and plan it might might be, it’s possible that it won’t turn out the way you had envisioned nor will it be practical. From small updates to an entire overhaul of your bathroom you need to choose the right appliances

Bathroom improvements can add much value to the home… depending on needs and budget, you can have an upscale improvement to a midrange bathroom.

Appliance upgrades add value to the bathroom and if you plan to sell in the future, and increase buyer interest. Here are some appliance upgrades to think about for your next bathroom improvement.

Walk-in Shower or Steam Shower

A huge walk-in shower is now a popular choice instead of the shower-tub combo. If you have the budget, make it into a steam shower. Turn your shower into a moisture-sealed sauna-like enclosure.

New faucets, showerheads

If your plan is a minor update this update is the easiest will cost, you less but will still give a new look to your bathroom. Depending on the look you are aiming for there are faucet fixtures for you, from contemporary style, traditional style, and modern style. Brush nickel, stainless steel, and oil-rubbed bronze are some of your material options with tons and variety on style for the faucets. It’s best to see the hardware before you buy it. Some even opt for the sensor faucets. Also when you look for faucets and showerheads consider water efficiency. Water conservation is greatly important for your pocket and the environment.


Most Asian homes have a bidet. It is more eco-friendly and will be cheaper in the long run as you will use less toilet paper as well and more hygienic, I say.

Tankless water heater

Installed this instead of the traditional water heater/boiler that constantly working and heating water, tankless water is working on demand and will surely save you tons of money as it will use less energy and help the environment. This can be a DIY project and install it yourself.

Exhaust Fan and light fixtures

Certainly, a must, especially if there is no window in the bathroom to let it breathe. Exhaust fans suck the moisture and air of the bathrooms after the shower making the room less prone to milder and mold. It may not look appealing but might help your bathroom in the long run since it keeps the molds at bay thus giving you less problem in the future. This is very practical to have around.
Good lighting is necessary for the entire bathroom, for your vanity and you can consider a task light in the shower and toilet as well. It’s best to use LED lights.

Jacuzzi Tub or a Standalone Tub

This is for bathrooms renovations that have enough space and budget, most likely for an upscale bathroom renovation. This will be an amazing finishing touch for your bathroom project providing relaxation and massage if you opt for a jacuzzi tub. Furthermore, it will greatly add value to the home.


You need a surface to put and store your bathroom necessities and space to prep and groom yourself, so a functional and appealing vanity works best.


If you plan to update your bathroom, don’t rush.  Instead… plan your work.  Then work your plan. In any project, planning is key as is not cutting corners on key materials and labor. If you want to take on a  DIY project, it can be a ton of work, yet very rewarding   If the project becomes complicated, make sure you contact an experienced contractor. Hire a professional and ensure that they are highly skilled with great reviews. If you have the budget then hire a team of contractors for  less stress and quicker results.